Hi there! I'm so glad you decided to jump into the deep end with me! My name is Katie. I am a wife, mother & lover of all things beautiful and reflectant of God’s immense creativity.  I try to begin everyday with a cup of something warm, a flickering candle and the Word of God. And although it doesn't always happen...it is my favorite way to being the day. To drink fully from the cup He has for me is the goal...actually it is the PRIZE!

I write here in order to share my love for the Lord and encourage women in their walk with the Creator. I am learning to go deeper, live deeper and love deeper. I don't want to wade in the shallow water afraid of the deeper end. I'm more afraid of missing out on the mysteries and marvels of the deep.

My blogging journey has covered the span of 6+ years and now 3 URLs. As I look back on them, I realize it is reflecting of what the Lord has been doing in and through me over these years. 

I began at Every Perfect & Good Gift..at a time when  the Lord was really opening my eyes to seeing the beauty in the simple things. I moved then to Intentional Pursuit, where I was able to share my heart for being Intentional concerning family, friends, ministry and of course, my time with the Lord. Deeper In is now my namesake. This is still a place to chronicle this beautiful life with the Lord and how He challenges me to delve deeper in all areas. It’s a place to be me.  

I am excited to be here with you.