Hi there! Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace. I’m Katie…wife, mother & lover of all things made beautiful by God’s immense creativity. Beginning the day with a cup of something warm (usually coffee), a roll of my favorite oil (Passion Blend) and time in the living Word of God is my favorite way to being the day. I love to drink fully from the cup He has for me in the quiet hours.

I write here in order to share my love for the Lord and encourage women as wives, daughters, mothers, caretakers and friends. I am still growing in understanding and love, as relationship with God is just that…a relationship, and He is constantly leading and teaching me. I don’t want to become content or stagnant in this life…I desire more. More LIFE from the Life-Giver Himself. More life…mind, body and soul. To be honest, I'm afraid to miss out on the mysteries and marvels of a deep, real God and His desires for my life and my family.

My blogging journey has covered the span of 10+ years and now 3 URLs. As I look back on them, I realize it is reflecting of what the Lord has been doing in and through me over these years. 

I began at Every Perfect & Good Gift..at a time when the Lord was really opening my eyes to seeing the beauty in the simple things. I moved then to Intentional Pursuit, where I was able to share my heart for being Intentional concerning family, friends, ministry and of course, my time with the Lord. Deeper In, this place you are joining me, is now my namesake. This is still a place to chronicle this beautiful life with the Lord and how He challenges me in all areas of my life. All areas…not just the thoughtful quiet, but also the everyday journey of natural health and wellness as it has been a place the Lord has lead us to dwell. Basically…this is a place to be authentically me.  

I am excited to be here with you. I hope you will find something to encourage you on your walk with Christ!