This post is out of the ordinary for's also out of my comfort zone, because it's talking about ME and not my relationship with the Lord.  It makes me feel vulnerable! LOL!  However, I am heading to a phenomenal Christian women's blogging conference, Allume, in a bit so am linking up with other attendees as we try to get to know each other a little better before the conference. SO...with no further ado, here are the 10 things my Sweet Roomie, Jennifer @ The Kindle Crew, needs to know about me ;)

1. I, too, sleep with it COLD at night!  Praise the Lord you're not cold-natured!2. I sleep with my phone on the bed next to my head and check it when I wake up...which is usually several time throughout the night.  I sleep well...when I sleep!3. I am NOT a night owl, but I AM an early bird.  The morning beckons me out of bed...along with the coffee pot! Don't miss understand...just because I'm not a night Owl, that doesn't mean I CAN'T stay up ;)

4. COFFEE...need I say more?!  I am JUST like my grandparents...I have a cup going all day...and I'm not THAT old ;)5. If I don't get the WORD in me in the morning...I'm exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally, by evening. I think it's so awesome that the Lord fills me up in all manners...not just spiritually speaking. 6. I drink a TON of water during the night! I'll even get up and refill my cup if necessary. I drink a ton during the day, but I am always surprised at how thirsty I am in the middle of the night.7. I don't wash my face at night. I know, I know...but I don't!8. I will probably snore. It depends on how exhausted I am, but I'm sure you'll hear it at least once during our week together...SORRY!9. When I sleep, I sleep hard, yet I can hear everything! I am completely alert to whoever is in the room and then seconds later be right asleep. If you get up, I'll know it. If you turn over...I'll know. I guess it's a mom thing, right?

10. I am looking forward to spending time with you as much or more than attending the conference. God has so graciously put you in my life and it is to my great joy that we will be learning and playing together for almost a week!

So there you have it...a little about me! Whew!