This is a guest post from Jason…Katie’s ‘hubby’ Next week, Katie and I celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our first date.  Olive Garden, a movie, shaved ice, and holding hands by the local pond (where I’d later propose to her).  Looking back, I didn’t realize the impact she would have on my life.

She’s amazing.


Love you forever!

Katie is smart…and genuine…and talented…and beautiful…and creative…and a great kisser (she probably won’t like me mentioning that last one…I’m debating even now whether to delete it or leave it in).

She’s also a great writer…and blogging has transformed her writing into ministry.

As husband, I get the unique opportunity to watch Katie write from this side of the keyboard – before her words mysteriously hyperspace into ‘virtual world’.

So, here are 5 quick ‘hubby’ observations that you may not know about Intentional Gal – observations from this side of the keyboard.

1.  Katie truly appreciates beauty.  She takes such joy in a sunset, a starry night, or a few fireflies.  These things inspire her.  And when she finds new beauty in the Word of God…it’s all the more powerful for her.

2.  Katie’s quiet time with her Lord and Savior is precious to her.  Katie knows that she has to be ‘filled up’ in order to share with others.  Often, she’s up at all hours to soak in His presence…rising ‘while it is still night.’

3.  Sharing online isn’t always easy for Katie…but it’s an act of obedience to God.  For months, Katie blogged without telling anyone she had a blog.  (I suspect a number of new bloggers do the same…I’m thankful for other bloggers and friends who have encouraged her along the way).

4.  Katie really is intentional.  It’s more than just a blog name or a Twitter handle.  She prayerfully considers priorities and then focuses her time and energy – on key items like her pursuit of God, strengthening our marriage, training our children, and serving others.

5.  Katie is both humbled and honored to know that you read her blog.  She gives all credit to Jesus.  I know, however, that it encourages her tremendously when you read, when you leave a comment, or when you share how her blog had an impact on you.  (Okay, maybe you knew this one...but I still wanted to share!)

Full disclosure - Katie doesn’t know I’m writing this blog…much less posting on her site.  She’s at the Allume conference learning how to be even more effective as a writer and blogger.

So, if you’re reading this sweetheart, I’m hoping I didn’t say anything that embarrassed you too much.

And for everyone else, I’m hoping I’ve shared a slightly different perspective…of my sweetheart, Intentional Gal.


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