So, last week, as we were finishing up our school year with our Recognition Ceremony and preparing for my daughter's dance recital, things began to fall apart! Did I mention that we were also packing to go on Vacation? So, with the car doing something weird,  the AC in the house not cooling (it's already in the 90s outside), the fridge decides to take a vacation too and the hot water heater in the attic left a nice wet spot on the ceiling!

In the midst of all this, my husband and I stopped again and prayed about whether or not to keep our vacation plans this year in light of all that was going on. While we were off praying in various parts of the house, some friends came over and blessed us with some extra money.

The whole point in me telling you this is to discuss being a cheerful receiver

Scripture says in Acts 20:35 "It is more blessed to give than to receive." 2 Corinthians 9:7 also says that "God loveth a cheerful giver." It is very clear as we read that giving is to come out of the abundance of a heart for God. It's not a duty to check off our list, but a chance to be a part of kingdom work.

Being on the receiving side is sometimes hard!  It is hard to disregard PRIDE yelling in our ears that "we don't need help."  Don't let your pride, or embarrassment take away the blessings God wants to bestow on you!  Whether it's money, groceries, someone giving you a ride or just a simple cup of coffee, humbly and with joy, accept your blessing; and remember, if you refuse, you are also stealing a blessing from the one trying to follow after God's prompting!

So the next time God prompts someone to do a good thing for you, smile and say thank you.  If he is prompting you to move and bless someone around you...what are you waiting for? Jump in the water feels great!

We thank our friends for following the prompting of the Spirit.  We thank the Lord for quick answered prayers! The fridge is working, the hot water heater is no longer leaking, and now that we are home from vacation, we can tackle the AC and car. 
God is GOOD...  ALL THE TIME!  

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