As the temperatures have taken a bit of a cooling off trend, I have been outside much more in the past week.  We have had short, but needed rain showers and much more cloud coverage.  The leaves are falling, due mostly to the drought, and in the air is a different smell.  The breezes are shifting from the north and the shadows are growing longer. intentional living

For me, Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.  The changing colors, the crisper smells that will come, the scent of cinnamon in so many of the autumn disches  and of course, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

As I am watching the and feeling the changes, I have been reflecting over the past months.  The drought here has left an imprint on everything...the grass, the lakes, finances and even for us, our family routines.  We have the electronics on SO much more than usual, and it has really stifled our families creativity!  The more we have fed our brains with emptiness...the more we have in turn produced  emptiness.

As the season has begun to change...we have as well.  School is great, hard, but great this year.  We are finishing Summer of the Monkeys and enjoying the porch swing together.  As we fill our thoughts and minds with substance, from it has sprung inviting conversations, deep thought and pondering about our Lord and delightful stories. 


The scripture tells us in Proverbs 23:7 "... so a man thinketh, he is..." This verse has been a lound gong in my head this week. Questioning what I have been thinking on...what have my children been thinking on?  It is up to me, as a parent, to offer good food to my children, both physically and spiritually.  Am I making sure they are feeding on Good food, or has fast, fun junk food taken over our meals?

I am thankful that the Lord has created the seasons.  They are a reflection of His greatness.  I am thankful for the gentle reminders in the wind; for the falling leaves that bid me to let the frivolous fall away, and to the long shadows that are ushering in cooler temperatures that bid us all to draw near to one another,  feast on warm food and conversation and remember how the harshness and the emptiness of these summer months have left.

Here's to looking ahead!

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