As I sit outside under the canopy of trees that border my yard and shade the various sitting areas, I begin to see the changes already occurring. Yellowed leaves speckle the green grass. A cooler northern wind gently sways the wind chimes bringing forth its beautiful melodies. My rabbit is bounding about in her cage in the playful manner that the heat of Summer had robbed her from. The air smells different.

Intentional Living

A new season is brimming.  I can feel it in my soul.  I know it in my spirit.  It's not just a physical change here...God is moving and the change I feel are the preparations being made for the new and coming season.

Autumn, in the physical is a time of harvest.  It's a time of plenty. There is food, sweet and savory, and ample time with friends and family...also sweet and savoury.

I am filled with anticipation.

I am ready for the brilliant colors of the season to show forth its regal spender. I am eager to watch the unfolding of God's plan painted so magnificently in the lives of those around me. I am standing on the precipice of a new season in wonder and amazement.

God is moving...just like the north wind blowing away the chaff.

Lord, open our hearts' eyes to the beauty in the change.  Help us to marvel at what you are doing in THIS time, THIS season of our lives.  May we stand here, at the precipice of a new season eager to do your will and to watch the spectacular beauty unfold before our eyes.  Please help us not to miss it in the bustle of the jobs at hand. Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for moving in our lives. Thank you for manifesting your spender in every leaf that changes color, every breeze that blows in a new direction, every day that you lay our before us to travel.  We love you...Amen.

I am praying this over us all...