An Apology... This weekend was filled with such WONDERFUL, LIFE GIVING words of ENCOURAGEMENT at the Mom Heart Conference...yet I tweeted carelessly and caused pain to a fellow believer and mom as well as misrepresented the most gentle, life speaking woman I know...Sally Clarkson.

The tweet: "The most blessed child has a happy mom."

Not something "bad" to say, but a sweet mom who was following the conference via twitter ...who was feeling desperate and in a dark place of her life was hurt.  This quote was OUT OF CONTEXT...and there is NOTHING I can do to take back the sting it caused her.

Motherhood can sometimes be a rough road to hoe when the Deceiver is whispering in our ear that we CAN'T do it...that we are inadequate...that we have already missed the mark, so why continue to try...


If you are in a dark place...know that the Father of LIGHT is with you.  He promises NEVER to leave nor forsake you.  He tells us that His strength is made perfect in our weakness and that he cares for us like a mother cares for her child...even more!

The Father LOVES us!  He give us hope...through Christ Jesus. He is our Sustainer!

We live in a broken world where we, sometimes, are broken as well. BUT there is HOPE. JESUS CHRIST, His redeeming Love, His sacrificial LOVE that saves us from the grips of darkness and illuminates our way.  He gently brushes the tarnish away to reveal in and through us what a beautiful treasure we are to him...just as we are...he loves us.

So, PLEASE, forgive a careless TWEET and know that I am praying for light to invade the darkness in a way that is "exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us," (Eph 3:20)  

Humbly striving to write a wrong and bring light to the darkness...