I am so thankful for so much! As this week begins, with a monster list, I have chosen to stop for a moment and remember all the things for which I am thankful! I have learned that it is a CHOICE to be made.

Instead of focusing on the list I need to accomplish over the next 2 days...here is my list of WHY I am thankful:

My God! With him All things are possible, including my list.
My Hubby! LOVE him more everyday! Thankful for the 19 years I've known him and the 17 years he's been my significant other. What a blessing he is to me!
My Children! LOVE THEM!! I can't say enough how much joy they bring to me. They are both caring and funny with bright smiles and a heart for God. I am truly blessed!
My Home. It has been over 2 months, still putting things away, but it is
a peaceful place to be. It is a great place to congregate, play games, watch movies, eat and read. Just sharing life with others in our home is wonderful. Friends and Family Welcome!
Family & Friends. These two are together, because many of the people
in my life fit into BOTH categories. I love the people God has place in our lives. People who love Him and are seeking Him. People we can pray with and play with...share our hearts with. What a blessing! I love you all!
Shadow, our dog. He's just SO good! Gotta pet him!
Good Books. I love to read and a home full of GREAT books blesses my.
Some encourage, some reprimand, some are good historical and biographical information and some are just good ol' laugh out louders and others will make you cry! Having a choice readily available is priceless!

I know I could go on and on today! The fact that family and friends will be in and out my doors this week is so exciting to me. As I go about my day, I hope to keep in mind why I am doing my list. Keeping in mind the end result is not to check it off, but to be hospitable and peaceful and most of all...Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!

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