I am a wife, a mom, a cook, a playmate, a school teacher, a daughter, a friend, a mentor, a mentee, a blogger, a home school group coordinator...the list goes on.  The point is: I wear a lot of hats!

Intentional Living

Sometimes I put on a hat and I feel confident. Sometimes a hat makes me feel insecure or small.  Some of my hats fit and are comfortable until I try to change them up.

My point is...I need to be who and what God designed me to be!  He gave me a beautiful wardrobe, per say, of hats that were made JUST for me. I have my own personal Milliner...and so do you.  He is a master artist!

Around the Holidays I blogged about Fitting into a Box...TWICE! I wrote about trying to be someone and something I am not.  Today, as I am praying about what I am supposed to look like to others, how to represent Christ in my life outwardly, how to blog, school or keep house better, ect...I am, again, realizing that I need to be who I am created to be. I need to be Authentically ME!

I struggle not to be one who looks into the mirror God provides and IMMEDIATELY forget what I look like. (James 2:24-25) I want to wear each hat, that was made for me, with style and Grace. If a hat doesn't fit right, I need to ask the Lord if it is one he made, or one I picked out on my own.  If it's one from Him...His design...then I need to be confident that He has my best interest at hand and has equipped me to wear it with style. If it's a hat I have chosen on my own, well...I need to take it off and get rid of it!

I pray I will be Authentic. That people will know who I am in Christ and that, although I have many hats, each one, I pray, is one from my Master Milliner...Jesus Christ.