outoforder momYearbook picture order. Clean the school room. Get a list to my sister. Reply to emails and texts that are waiting. Grocery shopping. Make a menu for the week. Do the laundry

...And that is only PART of my list today. It is the physical list I have running through my head as I am trying ever so hard to hear from my Lord. Sometimes the list too loud and drowns out His still quiet voice. My list is a Great Thief longing to steal what God has for me. I press in.

He whispers to me to "BE STILL"

I long to obey. To quiet the list. To ignore the pile...just for a little while. Just for a moment.

How can I accomplish all that needs to be accomplished today if I don't FIRST look into His face, see where He is working and join Him there? Simple...I can't.

When I intentionally quiet the distractions around me and focus on the still quiet voice that is speaking to my heart, I realize what is important. It's a perspective thing. The Lord constantly reminds me that His presence is far more important that the "to-do" list. Not only that, but spending time with my Savior changes my lists and makes them possible. You see, through Him I can do ALL things...but that ALL things is according to HIS Will.

So, this morning, I regroup. I sip my coffee and bathe in the TRUTH that HIS to-do list will be accomplished in my life. I intentionally lay my list before Him and ask, "What would you ask of me today?"

AND then I listen and Adjust.

Are you overwhelmed with your to-do list, or are you overwhelmed in the presence of your Friend and Savior? When we stay overwhelmed in His presence...He works through us to accomplish His will. He gives us Joy to endure and Strength to accomplish all He has already ordained our day to look like.