On Monday Nights, we have Bible Study in our home. We are truly blessed by the families that join us. Last week we gave testimony about when we had heard God in our lives. Everyone shared great testimony, even the youngest, my 6 year old daughter.

She has been asking to be baptised for about a year now and last week as she explained that her heart was thump thumping and she knew she needed to be baptised, everyone was touched. She is quite animated when she talks!

Yesterday, as we were preparing for Bible Study and straightening from the weekend, my husband told me that he was going to baptize her that evening. As we sat for lunch, he told Hallie. What a GREAT smile came over her face!

The rest of the day Hallie was on cloud nine! Dancing around and so joyful. She even sand "I'm going to be baptized, baptized!" Too cute.

After Bible Study, with friends and family gathered around, Hallie was baptised. Right before we started, I asked Hallie one more time WHY she was being baptized and with a huge smile on her face she replied...

"Because I love Jesus!"

Daddy Baptizing our Daughter

Big Brother so proud of his little Sister!
Merry Christmas to you all! What a wonderful Savior we serve!

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