In the past I have written about being authentic and about the many Hats I wear.  I know you, too, have a plethora of hats that you adorn as you live our your life. I still struggle, however with fully embracing each one of them.  The hats seem to be so very different. It gives me cause to question each ones authenticity in my life.  Am I merely playing dress-up, or are the hat tailor-made specifically for me?

Intentional Living

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I have been speaking to the Lord about this. He is patient with me, as I have asked these questions many times before. He reminds me that I am created in HIS image, not the image that others created of me...or even the image I try to create in myself!  In short, as long as I am wearing the hats HE has tailor-made to fit me...I am wearing the right hat.

I have to take inventory, though, and purge the ones that don't fit.  The hats that others have given me.  The ones I have made and/or altered.  The ones that might look good, but aren't truly mine.  It's not easy.  It's not fun. It's a "letting go" process...but on the other hand it's Christmas!  The hats the Lord has given me to wear are more beautiful than any I could dream up on my own.  They fit better than the ones others have given me. They reflect who I am better than the ones I have tried to alter.

I have my own personal milliner...and He is a MASTER at his craft!  When I walk in the hats He gives me...I am confident.

Have you gone through your hat closet lately to inspect whose hat you're wearing?