After a long day shopping, we got a phone call about 10ish from my son. My children are both spending a couple of days at their Grammy's new house! They were totally excited! But there was much distress in his voice.

He called because he was scared! The loudness of suburbia was just a little much for him. He was worried about not being safe. The wonderful thing about this was what transpired as a result of his fears.
He called his Dad, and after a very ginger, understanding few yeses and nos, Jason prayed over him. He prayed the sweetest prayer, never making our son feel stupid or like a baby or that his fears were totally invalid. After they prayed Payton told his dad that he wanted to call because it made him feel like he was coming in our room (a place of refuge to him when fear has attacked).
You see, his fear was REAL to him. No matter how silly or foolish a child's fear sounds to us, the fact IS... it is REAL to them. I pray that when my children come to me, I will have the wisdom to speak to them out of love and compassion.
Last night could have been very different for my son! He could have tried to go it alone, per say. Not calling and being afraid, ALONE. But instead he called for reinforcements and slept peacefully all night.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."Matthew 18:20

We need to all remember that God puts people in out lives to help along this journey. If you are having problems, pray to God, have a friend go before the throne with you.

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