Saturday I was privileged to enjoy the company of some dear friends while we all worked on different crafts and chatted. I love these dear ladies...each one of them for different reasons.  They are all special and unique...but we are all one, in that we love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts.  That is the tie that binds us together.

For several years now, one of these sweet ladies and I have been leading women's Bible/Book studies.  We have walked through many books together and seen God work in many lives.  What a blessing.  One day, only 4 appointed women were in attendance.  It was ordained by God so that we could minister to the heart of a fellow sister.  She was hurting for her son...for her other children...and longing for Godly direction.  We prayed over her and listened and as we all looked to scripture for answers and Godly wisdom, my sweet sister soaked it all in.

This was about a year and a half ago, and although I see this friend, we have not been able to really talk about the situation.  Supermarkets aren't always conducive to heart to hearts...sometimes even the phone isn't appropriate.

This weekend, I was able to talk with my friend and she told me all the wonderful, miraculous, fantastic...only God could have done...changes that had happened in her family.  This once tight group was now tight again and filled with Joy over their sibling's changes and life.  It was such a joy and blessing for me to hear.  My eyes welled with tears as I watched the Joy on my friends face as she spoke of her son.  What a miracle...what a blessing...what and AWESOME, living God we serve!

I tell you this as an encouragement.  I am attacked so many times...thinking that what I do is pointless and meaningless.  I try wholeheartedly to follow after Christ in my live, but I still hear doubt and unbelief creep in. Their words telling me that it's just ME and my vain imagination thinking I need to lead/facilitate these studies. But you see, that IS the lie.  God is truth and when we share the TRUTH the word says that His  words never return void. He is mighty to break down the strongholds in our lives. 

If God has called you to move...don't stand still and question His him over and over...MOVE!  If you are already walking in obedience...take courage!  Be encouraged and know that even if you never hear the outcome...even when you think you are not making headway...even when it looks like you are "preaching to the choir"...God is using you! 

I am thankful that God is full of love and compassion. That he knows every hair on my head.  That he is faithful.  That when we come to God and believe that He IS...he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6). Press on...Press in...and know that He will do a great work in you!

Love to you all!