This morning came early.  My feet hit the floor at 4:45 and the Bible hit the table shortly after. Went to the grocery store...totally enjoyed Godly discussion this morning...cleaned up...started a crock pot dinner...and by 2:30 I was feeling tired. I printed off the most beautiful photographs my hubby had taken and started hanging them...took care of a little one who what feeling under the weather...finished hanging photos...went back to the store...fixed a special dinner for sicky...and hugged and kissed them and put them in bed!  (That's the VERY short version) Intentional Living

I write all this to say that God has given me EVERY thing I need for Life and Godliness! (2 Peter 1:3)  It's not just for "ministering" in a formal manner. It is all I need for energy to take care of children, laundry, dishes and others in my lives. Whatever He is asking you to do, HE will provide the means in which to do it!  Isn't that exciting!  As a mother I need to take one task at a time, keeping my eyes on the Lord, and not allow life to overcome me.  The mundane can become drudgery and can drain sometime drain my energy.  When I keep my eyes focused on the ONE who has called me...there is joy, and with JOY comes our STRENGTH.

If I hadn't eaten of the Word this morning before beginning my day...I probably would have been cranky (to say the least) and maybe not as compassionate toward my family and their needs.  I am thankful the the Lord beckons me to follow after him and them gives me the tools I need to do so.

God is Good...All the TIME!

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