Yesterday, I wrapped gifts!  It took a while...I tend to me a little on the perfectionist side when it comes to wrapping packages...DON'T have a clue as to why! HeeHee!  Some gifts fit well into the boxes I had strewn out in the kitchen, while others...well, I'm still looking for the perfect fit.  

Which, of course, started me thinking about "fitting" it all into a box.  This year, MANY bloggers have been wrestling with Christmas.  Why we do what we do.  What do we need to change, if anything...and so on.  God made us all individual.  He gave us convictions, families, and lives that look a little different from the family next door.  My homeschooling doesn't look exactly like my sister's or my best friends'. The media convictions we have in my family are different than those around us...they are the convictions for OUR family.  It is what makes us unique, individuals that love the Lord where we are.  So why shouldn't our Christmas traditions look different from those around us?


Intentional living



I am reminded of the story about the woman who is preparing Christmas dinner and the daughter askes her, "why do you cut off the end of the ham before you cook it?" Her reply is. "Because that's the way my mother did it."  After much investigating they find out that the great grandmother cut off the end of the ham to begin with because her pan was too small!  You see, sometimes we just get caught up in the traditions that have been passed down to us because it's what we've "always done."  We don't stop and ask the question..."WHY" or even does it FIT our family now?


We struggle to fit our convictions and promptings from the Lord to do something a little different into the BOX of Traditions for the season...AND there is a bad fit.  A buldging box that won't close and cannot be wrapped.


What is the Lord speaking to your heart for YOUR family that you are trying to squeeze into a BOX labeled Tradition?  Maybe it's time for a NEW box...


Just food for thought today.


Merry Christmas to you all!

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