Just a quick update on "My Wifely Pursuits" from the last post.  I have been laughing at my sweet husband's corniness!  I was given the opportunity to walk out my last  post less than 5 minutes after I posted! Actually it was more like...I shut the computer, walked outside and INSTANTLY had a sweet, silly, CORNEY comment thrown my way from my hubby AND my son!  HeeHee!  I PASSED! Since then there has been MANY silly remarks and even an invitation to dance in the kitchen...something I usually scoff at (silly, I KNOW!)...but I danced with him...and had a blast!  Even the kids got a lesson on the 2 step!

It never ceases to amaze me how simply laughing at my husband instead of blowing him off changes SO much.  I still have to remind myself that I need work...and MAKE EFFORT to laugh and not roll my eyes, but I am doing better. I have tasted the fruits and they are sweet conversation, much more laughter, fewer eye rolls and a general peace in our home.

God is faithful!  When we follow the guidelines in His Word, He is faithful to bring Joy, restoration, peace, strength, guidance...and so much more!

So...more on Proverbs 31 coming soon...Keep on keepin' on!


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