When we were children we dreamed big! We pretended to cure disease, save people from burning buildings, become President of the United States, heal the sick in Africa and preach to the multitude God's great love. We believed that justice prevailed and Good ALWAYS won. We dressed up to help that dream seem more like a reality. We acted out the mighty tasks at hand with zeal and valor. We were unstoppable. We were pure-hearted.  We truly believed we were having an Impact on those around us. We could see it in our mind's eye..and of course in the mirror as we donned the clothes of our pretend adventure.

So what happened???? When did we stop believing that ONE person can change the world?

So many Christians are snickered into believing that we are too insignificant to make an Impact on the world around us. I am here to tell you that, my dear friend, is a Lie with a capital L!

Satan comes only to kill, still and destroy. John 10:10

If we are fooled into believing that only a select few are "worthy" enough, or prayed up enough, or charismatic enough to make an Impact and cause a stir, then chances are...we will choose not to move and Satan's LIES win. We will choose to sit on the sidelines. We will choose to be unavailable to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords because of what we have chosen to believe as actually a Lie that will kill, steal and destroy God's plan for our lives.

So...what difference can ONE person make?

I recently read through the book of Daniel and two truths blared out from the pages. ONE: Daniel was only ONE man, and TWO: God gave him all he needed to Impact a Nation. If you haven't read Daniel in its entirety...go grab a Bible and read it. The book of Daniel is filled with so many familiar Bible stories we are taught as children. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, Daniel in the Lions den, the writing on the wall and there are many more.

So what made Daniel so special? Why could a humble man, who is a prisoner in a foreign country, change the heart of the King and in turn the course of a Nation?

He loved the Lord God with all his heart and soul and mind.  He stepped out in humble faith when he was called upon. His motives were pure. He knew that he knew that there was NO other true God than the God of the Israelites.

As a parent, we want the BEST for our children. We want them to be successful. To have all the things we don't. We want them to live life as an adult fully.  Are those hopes wrong? Only if they persuade our children to move in a direction contrary to where the  Lord is leading them.

It is our privileged and our job, as parents, to raise our children, to guide them and to lead them. I challenge you to pray and seek the Lord concerning your children and their future. Ask Him to guide you as you guide your children. Ask the Lord to reveal the course He has for your child and to help you prepare them to walk it. We should never be the parents that are being used as pawns by the enemy to kill their dreams when their dreams are actually callings from the Most High God.

One of my favorite scriptures is

I have no greater joy to see that my children walk in Truth. 3 John 1:4

Truth...not the lies of society that say you need x-amount per year to be successful. Truth...walking in the calling on their lives. Truth...walking in Peace and assurity that they are exactly where God wants them, no matter what that looks like in comparison to others.

Daniel was right where the Lord wanted him...a prisoner, a foreigner, a mighty man of God that moved a nation! I pray my children will be right in the center of His will for their lives, walking in Faith every step of the way, as the Peace of God guards their heart and soul and mind in Christ Jesus. I pray that no matter what they are called to be or do for the Lord that I am will be used of God to spur them on to walk in the fullness of God's calling on their lives.