The past few years, I have had the privilege of participating and hosting IF:Local. IF:Local is not a weekend away with the girls. It's not for women who are comfortable with status quo or have their affections set on things of this world. If you are longing for MORE, if you want to go deeper in, if you are scared of what God might call you to, but you are more afraid of "missing it"...Don't miss the IF:Gathering in your own city.

This Februaury, I will be hosting IF:East Texas. It is open to women of all ages, young and old.   If you are local to me, I'd LOVE to have you! You can register November 1st HERE or drop me a line for more details.  IF you are not local...don't worry! There are hundreds, probably thousands now, of IF:LOCAL events all over the US and the World. You can find a local host HERE.

You won't regret it!