The morning sky is now showing colors of slate blue and pale pink.  They are peeking out from in-between the sparce leaves of the trees behind my house.  I love the stillness of the morning...when as the light begins to beam...all things come into focus moving from dark shapes that can still be made out by my eye to the beautiful details that are revealed by the sun.  I am now looking at the majestic purple hue of the morning sky and noticing that my eyes are drawn to the light...that the foreground of the trees and land are dulled in comparison. intentional living

This is what my heart feels...this is why I love the morning!  It is reflectant of my heart...My Saviour, Redeemer and Lord...a NEW day. As I wake, the stillness of my heart and mind beckon the SON to shine His radiant beam of light into my life.  To read, pray and be still before the Lord dulls the laundry, the kitchen, the clutter, the "to do" list trying to go off in my brain. And then...LIGHT!  He pours his light on my me focus, peace, joy, resolve, intent.  I can then, and only then, see the details of my day better.

Perspective comes.

Light...His Light...illuminating even the mundane of the day and giving it purpose and beauty. Just as the morning pinks and purples make the sun scorched grasses and leaves look beautiful.  As they are adorned with royal colors, they become beautiful.  So my soul reflects the the Majesty of the King...but ONLY when I come in the the dark, and wait for the Him FULL access to my thoughts, lists, dreams, loves, fears...

May you bathe in the LIGHT of Glory today.  May Jesus, the Word made Flesh, give you perspective, peace, purpose and Joy as you walk through your day.

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