Last year, I began a journey with both my children...developing our World View.  Well, actually, it is identifying our perspective and lining it up with what we believe is the truth in scripture.  It has been a WONDERFUL journey! With my daughter, we began to study China.  We are using Cornerstone Curriculum's A Heart 4 You: China.  There are a lot of great books, videos, pictures and web links included in the study.  We are really enjoying getting to "know" the Chinese people better.

Intentional Pursuit

As we began studying, one of the families that attends our church brought a speaker in from The Voice of the Martyrs.  They had an opportunity that we could not pass up...$6 put a hand delivered Bible into the hands of Chinese people who had previously requested one.  In return we got their name so we could pray, by name, for the one who receive the Bible.

Hallie was so excited and donated her own money to the cause. (Just a son was more than eager and donated as well...his heart is soft...but for this post I'm focusing on Hallie.)

As we continue to study the lives of the Chinese, their values and beliefs, Hallie has not forgotten the people who received the Bibles.  As we were preparing for our home school group's recognition ceremony, she wrote up a quick little note about China and added a collection can to her display.  As people stopped by her table, she shared with them that she was collecting to send more Bible's to China. This was ALL her doing!  I didn't know she was doing that until it was already done!

She collected $50.

Last night, after church, one of the families spoke with her on the side and handed her an envelope to add to the Bible money. It was a collection from some of those they minister to and with...$385!

Hallie is so THRILLED...

But this is what she was thrills her:

"If one Bible can reach hundreds of people by changing the lives of the ones who receive it...just think how many lives are going to be changed with this many Bibles!  It will be thousands...NO millions!"

Her heart is full.

Her eyes twinkle.

She is walking in obedience to a soft still voice that guided her to write a small note and put out a can.

She is making an impact...She is almost 9!

I am humbled to see the fruit of prayer for our children. To see the softness and willingness of their hearts to serve.   I am also convicted.

What are you doing to make an impact for Christ?  I am asking myself the same question.

Peace and Grace to you this glorious Tuesday! I pray we will be moldable before the Lord and obedient hands and feet for His calling.