The moment we docked in Progreso, I knew that this was a poor city. Progreso is a new port and is still raw, as far as commercialized…Americanized…shops and destinations. Down the 5 mile pier, there were concrete barriers-the kind that line the highways here during construction-piled upon each other two high and in a haphazard manner. This was their seawall. In front of the seawall, about every 10 feet, were black boxes. Each one having a lettered and numbered sign marking it. The road down the pier was not an inviting road. There was nothing that screamed WELCOME to the guests that were traveling inland to find wares and to seek out history and adventure.  

As we continued on the bus…it was evident the great need of the people. Poverty abounds in Progreso…Deep Poverty.


I snapped many photo of the town. I really tried to capture the character of the homes and people who dwelt there. Families like yours and mine did laundry, and played in their yard…only the laundry was wrung out by hand and hung on the line…and the yard was is surrounded by a wall and in it was no grass nor playthings. The school…well…if I hadn’t actually seen classes changing, I would have thought it was an abandoned prison. Broken windows in each of the buildings and a wall that surrounded the school yard. Next to it, a Military facility. Armed soldiers around the perimeter.


intentional iving

Intentional living School


The bus stopped. We had reached our destination. Across the street…our “Beach Resort.”


As we rode through Progreso, a man on the bus with us continually made fun of the town, laughing at the expense of the people… much like the people in my town who ridicule the Hispanic people who live here. He had NO compassion in his heart which grieved me even more that seeing the living conditions of the people of Progreso. You see, I don’t EVER want to feel good about myself at the expense of another! I prayed for each home we passed…each child and mother we saw and each man…working hard to provide.


We, Americans, are so fortunate to live where there is running water, electric washing machines…grass for our children to play on…schools. I pray that the blessings I enjoy every day never cause me to speak in arrogance.


Jesus loves each of us…He gave his LIFE for EACH of us, rich or poor; white, black, tan, red, or any color in between; man or woman…He loves each and everyone of us…We should show is love.

Are you His hands…His mouth…His feet? Do you love even when someone is different than you?