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It's quiet. You've surrounded yourself with your Bible, maybe a cup of coffee and a candle. You are pouring through a passage and you are so inspired by what you are reading. The words are jumping off the page and all you want to do is LIVE FOR JESUS.

Then you leave the room...


I really hate when the Enemy comes to steal my Joy, my Purpose, my Peace and my Testimony!  I hate that while I am in my quiet space where it's just me and Jesus...I am such a devoted child, and then I leave the room and I FORGET who I am and what I was so adamantly going to do and be.  I am short with my kids, I don't walk in Love toward my hubby, or I fall into mumbling or complaining about my "list".  WHAT part of that honors the Lord?!?!  NONE PART! That's what.

So what am I saying about my time with the Lord? Is it fake? Do I even believe what I say I believe? Do I need to pray longer? (Always! LOL) But really.

                               Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

                               Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

I think I spend time soaking up all His goodness, but I forget to do one thing...PUT ON THE ARMOR of God!  It's so important!  Our enemy is seeking whom he may devour and when I step out of the quiet into the war zone...I must have on my armor. It is my protection. It extinguished the fiery arrows that are whizzing through the air straight toward my heart and thoughts. 

I have NO DOUBT that the Lord has called me Deeper In. I know that He has spoken to my heart about where and how He wants to stretch me. I am confident that the enemy doesn't want me to walk in God's calling on my life, that would be too dangerous for his destructive plans. So...I must prepare myself for battle by drinking deeply from the Word and spending time in the presence of the Lord so I can hear Him...but also putting on the Armor. The sword of the Spirt, the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of Righteousness, the belt of Truth, shoes of the Gospel of Peace, these are my defenses. 

If you want to walk in your calling...longer than the time you spend in the the quiet...put on your armor BEFORE you leave that space and see if it doesn't make a difference in how you encounter the people and circumstances waiting for you on the other side of the door.

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