For one...we are celebrating the beauties of childhood.  the carefree tears that are fraught with adventure, dreams and laughter. A carefree preparation ground for the tears to come.  A preparation ground that is without the burden of true responsibilities.

For the other...we are turning a corner, putting away the things of childhood and stepping one more inch into adulthood.  Training and teaching are becoming the foundation instead of the building blocks being added one by one. The foundation is laid. The Legos rarely appear and conversations are about meaningful life observations. The light of ideas and convictions are flickering in His eyes.

What a place to be. It's exciting. It's scary. It's draining and fun. It takes so much more intentionality to train and live in both realms.

I am thankful for the God I serve!  He gave me a manual (the Bible) and the Spirit to lead and direct me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. His burden is light. He has given me everything I need for Life & Godliness...All promises from His Word...All TRUTHS in which I cling.

Thankfully, Joyously following Christ in obedience along life's journey...