The last few weeks I have been praying and pressing in to seek after God with a whole heart.  One of devotion, compassion, zeal and intent.  Tonight, as I listened to the message at church...I was completely caught off guard by the enemy.

Tonight's message was about having the Fire of God burn in us.  That it is a choice we must willingly make to be a Holy and Living Sacrifice.  It's our choice to be consumed with God's Holy Fire.

Here enters the subtle...almost slipped by me...attack!  "Did I turn on the coffee pot?"  There you have it!  Right in the middle of this powerful and challenging message I am wondering about the coffee pot!!!!  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Martha, AGAIN!  Martha is just like you and me. She had guests in her home and was trying to be a hospitable hostess. I think the enemy just consumed her with her responsibilities in order to blind her from the LIFE that was sitting in her living room.

Don't let life sneak up and steal the LIFE that is meant for you!  Pray and put on the armour so you can extinguish the fiery darts...even if the look like the coffee pot!

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