Music is a big thing in our family! Someone always has it playing on a speaker, the phone, in their earbuds or the car. However, my son, is the biggest music fan of us all. So I thought it would be best for him to write a quick review of Phil Wickham's new Worship CD, "Children Of God."

Phil Wickham’s new album “Children of God” is a fresh perspective on CCM (Christian Contemporary Music). I’m admittedly not as huge a fan of most CCM, but Phil Wickham is starting to change my perspective. Not to say I don’t enjoy Christian music. I love Christian musicians such as tobyMac, Capital Kings, Mat Kearney, Hollyn, and Royal Tailor.  However, when I turn my Christian music station I consistently hear a barrage of almost identical content and melodies. The lack of variety may turn away the casual music lover from hearing about (and ultimately knowing) the creative Maker of music itself. Thankfully, the album Children of God smashes both issues in a beautiful mixture of modern synth-pop tones and fresh takes on walking with God. From the creative opening of “Doxology//Amen” and the acapella/digital melodic triumph of "The Secret Place" to the powerful modern hymn "Spirit of God," Phil Wickham manages to bring a fresh breath of air to Christian music. Similar stylings of groups such as Bethel Worship and dance group Capital Kings can be heard throughout the album. As weird as that may sound, this combination gives a very pleasing result. Tracks like “Wide Awake” and “Starmaker” are definitely going on my personal playlist! With Phil's recent vocal surgery he has had to stretch the norms in his music, resulting in a refreshingly different take on music for Phil Wickham and CCM. This is a powerful truth for any Christian: there may be trials, but when we rely on God outside of our comfort zone we can accomplish great things! And that's just what I see has happened with Wickhams' new sound. As with any albums, there are songs here and there that may feel a little repetitive. But overall, I am very pleased with Children of God.

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