She's SEVEN today!

Hallie is truely a blessing to our family. She is joyful and kind and very cute! I love how she loves Jesus and others. She has a tender heart for those she loves and even those she doesn't.
I love how she prays.
I love how her smile lights up a room and how her eyes sparkle.
I love the way she dances through a room.
I love hearing her sing to BOZ as she cleans her room.
I love that she wants to be a mom, that she loves to help and that she's good at helping.
I love to the way she calls our dog a "puuuppppyyy" and he's about 4 yrs old.
I love the way she looks at nature with wonder in her eyes.
I love the way she lights up when I ask her if she wants PB & J for lunch!
I love that she likes to dress in dresses and bows and yet she can still get dirty!
I love the way she loves...especially her brother.
I love that she thinks her dad hung the moon and rushes to hug him when he's been gone.
Happy Birthday my Sweet daughter!
May you continue to follow after Christ all the days of your life,
and may you grow in Wisdom and Truth.