Remember the post about Owning Your Calendar that was inspired by Author,Tricia Goyer?  Back in October I had the privilege of meeting Tricia. She is a lover of Christ, her hubby and her children and I am honored to know her. Today I want to share with you Lead Your Family Like Jesus, a book Tricia has teamed with New York Times Best Selling Author Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges to write. Because as parents we impact not only our children, but generations to come, the family is probably the most powerful life-role leadership position we’ll ever hold!

I have been reading and re-reading through this book, staring and underlining, since I joined the launch team in October at Allume. I can say this is a powerful book for FAMILIES...not just moms or dads...but for both to read and gain insight from. Each chapter is written by one author, from their perspective, and because of this format, the truths expressed appeal to a much greater audience. Anyone can find an author to identify with!

Here are a few quotes I have underlined in my copy:

"And that's the key to leading a family like Jesus-not only following His example, but relying on His presence within us. It's our lives connected to His." ~Ken Blanchard

"If parents live out their values, kids are ready to follow suit. Jesus lived His values of loving God and loving His neighbors all the way to the cross: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)" ~Tricia Goyer

"We're ordained by God as our children's primary instructors and models of what it means to be in an obedience. To small children, parents are the image of God. How they see you is how they'll be inclined to see Him. How you treat them will either inspire willing obedience or willful resistance in their relationship with you-you and ultimately with God. In other words, what they see is what you get." ~Phil Hodges

As part of this launch team, I get to share with you an excerpt from Lead Your Family Like Jesus!

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