Well...Not exactly! I should have said "Quiet on the Blog Front!" This is such a busy season for my family.  We are finishing up school. Extra-curricular activities are coming to an end with recitals. Recognition Night will finish out the Homeschool Year. "Busy Season" for Hubby is still upon us.

The glimmer of VACATION is on the horizon!

I love the idea of vacation. It always seems to be a much needed and wanted break from the hustle of everyday life.  No phones, computers or distractions...just family time.

I don't know if it's because we always take off right after the chaos of late spring, or if we really are dillusional sometimes in our planning. HAHA!  To many times we get caught up in the planning of a fun trip and then end up wishing we could just sit and be quiet! Even the kids feel this way. It is when we put our faith and reliance on a vacation for restoration that we miss the point of our vacation.

I know that a Vacation will NOT restore me as the Lord can! When I lay it all down at His feet, I can enjoy vacationing as fun family time as we make memories and enjoy one another and not as a source of restoration. When I put my hope in Man's ways, a vacation, to restore me...I will not be satisfied, rested, restored or even enjoy the trip as much. We usually return home exhausted!

I am thankful to the Lord...who restores me.  Who gives us life. Who is actually the Glimmer of Peace and Restoration on My horizon. Vacations are great...but God's rest is truely restoration for my weariness.

Be still and know I am God... Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

This year, we are taking a leisurely trip up to Cincinnati. I think the long drive will be great for us.  We love to read,  sew, draw and chat with each other so it will be time well spent. It will be a time of refreshment as we visit together and just "be still" as we drive along.

But before we leave...I will purpose in my heart to "Be Still" before the Lord and let HIM restore my soul.