I don't know what actually happened.  Did I misread the Word or did I mishear it?

For years now I have been reminding my sweet moms and women I counsel to pray and walk with the Lord and "He will redeem the time" lost. Some of them have made the choice to leave their job and stay home after years of being in the work force. They are now walking in obedience to what they feel the Lord has lead them to do but still feel their prior choice to work has negatively impacted their children and family as a whole...feeling as though they, as a mom, missed out or could have done so much more in the raising of their children and building of a strong family unit. Feeling, many times, that it's too late to make an impact. Some of the women I have spoken with have felt time or opportunities were lost as they put their children in a learning environment that, now, they feel was the worse choice they could have made.  They are filled with regret over their children's education, relationships and personal self images. As these women spill their regrets, I try to encourage them with the Word by reminding them that, "It's OK.  Scripture says God is a redeemer of our time.  He will redeem the time you lost as you are now walking in accordance to His will for your life."


This morning as I read in Ephesians, the Lord took me to this verse:

"See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the day is evil."

I decided to look up more scriptures in the Word that refer to "redeeming the time."  I only found one more, Colossians 4:5

"Walk in wisdom toward then that are without, redeeming the time."

WOW! HELLO!!!!  It doesn't say God will redeem the time just because we are obedient!

I studied out the words redeem and time just to be sure of my understanding.  Redeeming is exagorazo- which means to buy up, ransom, rescue from loss. Time is kairos which refers to an occasion, opportunity, season (all having a short or set duration).

I really feel foolish about this.  God doesn't just redeem the loss because we love Him and want to follow after Him or even because we are walking in obedience.  NO! Scripture says, very clearly, that if we walk in Wisdom dilligently and toward those without wisdom, THEN and only then, will the lost time, season or opportunity be redeemed.  It's not enough just to say..."I feel like the Lord wants me to be home with my children. I hope the path we started on will be bettered by my obedience." or "I should have schooled my children differently. Now that I am following after God on this, hopefully my children will be better off."

You see...obedience is only a PIECE of the puzzle.  To redeem the time...to rescue the season...we MUST walk in wisdom.  We cannot follow after ever whim of doctrine for raising families or method of schooling that is thrown in our paths.  We must seek and follow Biblical Wisdom, not man's advise or what our best friend or neighbor is doing or says we should do!  The Word tells us in Proverbs that Wisdom is calling out! We must be seeking God's wisdom...walking in that wisdom...and THEN will the rescuing come.

If you have regrets, and who doesn't, first Obey!  But then, if you want to see the miracle of redemtion in that situation...seek God's wisdom in that area.  God's Word is alive and sharper than any two edged sword.  It is good for reproof and correction, for teaching and edification.  God is the source of Wisdom and He has graciously given us the Manuel so that we may walk in wisdom and truth.

So, for any of you that I have wrongly counseled that God will reward your obedience by redeeming the time...I am truly, utterly repentant!  Know that we can redeem the time!  There is still that promise...only the condition is to walk in wisdom...not just obedience.

Love to you all...