Yesterday during school, yes we home school in the summer, we read about France's Revolution and then about the Reign of Terror.  I found myself holding back tears and trying to read with a lump in my throat.   Don't get me wrong, I understand war.  I understand why we have them and I think our men and women who serve this country are worthy of great honor! But the French Revolution was nothing like the American Revolution.  It ended nothing like the American Revolution.  I was so saddened by the accounts of Robespierre's "Reign of Terror".  Although the visual in my head about the guillotine is awful, the most heart-wrenching accounts were of the people celebrating in the spilled blood of those beheaded (many of who were innocent men, women, elderly and children)

My thought was "how do you get to the point in your thinking where soaking up blood on your handkerchief is joyous and a sign of victory?"  I don't know the answer to this.

I do know that there were people like that when Jesus spilled his blood for us.  There were men and women who celebrated at every lash of the whip, every chunk of flesh and every drop of blood that he gave for us.  My question now is "How do we get to the point in our thinking that NONE of that moves us?"  How do we become seared to the pain, embarrassment and torture our Savior endured so that we could spend eternity with him?

I don't want to be more moved by a history lesson than I am by the sacrifice my Lord and Savior Jesus made for me.   I don't want to be seared of the feelings of deep gratitude and profound, utter thankfulness to the one who paid the price for MY sin.

My prayer is that the Bible, all that is in it, would move me.  That it would spur me on to be a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.  That I would not take my FREEDOM lightly.  That I would be thankful for the life God has given me and that I would "Walk in the Fullness of God's Calling on My Life."  That I would bring honor and praise and glory to his name because it is REAL.

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