Laundry, dishes, work schedules, school, home school group, extra curricular activities, church activities...sometimes they are bigger than the quiet times. mom_hectic_morning_web

Yard work, car maintenance, illness, others in need...sometimes these too, are bigger than the quiet times.

Cuts, bruises, hurt feelings, broken hearts...sometimes we can't even remember the quiet times.

Sometimes...I forget the quiet times in my life. The peace. The rest. The joy. The...exhaling.

This morning, I remembered.

I sat with my cup of coffee and my WORD and remembered. I sat in front of the window, instead of at me desk and let the birds remind me. I watch the sunrise...and exhaled.

Autumn sunbeam

My Father in Heaven meets me at my desk. He walks with me through the fire. He sits next to me in the car. BUT, he refreshes me in the quiet, still of a summer morning, in my chair as I watch His creation.

The Word reminds me that he takes care of the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, and that HE LOVES ME MORE THAN THESE!

The Word reminds me that the quiet is STILL and KNOW.

Do you forget? Has it been a while since you watch a sunrise and exhaled? Turn off the computer, step away from your intentional to look at all the marvels around you.

Take time to...exhale.