Today, my sweet daughter has been such a blessing.  She's helped around the house...on her own accord...collected caterpillars, "washed" my car while running through the sprinkler and savored her pie...all the while thanking me for the tasty treat. She is always full of joy, giggles and dances.  Today was no different. She is supposed to be in bed for the night, but instead she is letting the caterpillars go.  She came in the room where I am, taking the risk of getting scolded for being out of bed, to ask if she could give them their freedom.  When I asked her why, her reply was "I just don't feel right about keeping them." She loves to collect bugs...she HATES it when they die in her care, so even though letting the caterpillars go hurt, and tears where shed, keeping them and taking a chance on them dieing would have hurt more.

intentional living

I am so thankful that Hallie has a tender heart toward living things. She is kind and caring...Just like her Heavenly Father. 

Our Father wants to set us free and see us soar like the fulfill His calling on our lives.  Satan, on the other hand, wants to entrap us...making it look as though we are in a safe place, all the while we are dieing.

The Word tells us that God hears us when we cry out to Him!  Cry out to the in the sticks and water bowl of the terrarium for the beautiful transformation he has in store for you.  Then let Him show you how to walk in the Fullness of HIS calling on your life.