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My Floors Are Dirty!


My Floors Are Dirty!

Clouds have covered the sunbeams for the most of 5 days. It has been cold and gray. Today, as I am basking in the beautiful beams of sunlight that are streaming into my living room…I notice that my floors are COVERED with dirt!  It has been raining and we have tracked dirt all through out the house. Last night…I didn’t even notice!  The light wasn’t as brilliant.

Dirty floors
Dirty floors

Our sin is like the dirt on my floors.  In the dim lighting of the world, it is hardly recognizable.  In comparison to the filth of the darkness, it even appears to be clean. But as I move closer to the brilliance of the Father’s perfection, and it begins to shine in and on my life, the spots of dirt become as evident as trash in a beautiful bed of flowers!

My sin becomes more evident…not more abundant…just more noticeable as my eyes behold the beauty of Perfection and see that I’m not “there” yet. As our loving Father gently shines on us His rays of light seem to point out areas that we need to “clean up”.  However, the Lord is not pointing out the dirt, the dust…our imperfections with an accusing finger.  No, He illuminates the sin so He can REDEEM us through His son’s great sacrifice. He shows us the dirt in order to make us more like Him…to walk as He is…Holy, Clean, Pure…as He sees us through the Blood of Jesus that covers us.

He came not to condemn, but to give us life! John 3:17, 10:10

So how do we clean up the dirt?

Just as spot cleaning my kitchen floor seems to be a good idea, once I start, there seems to be no end to the dirt and I just keep cleaning. I clean one area and it leads to the hall…then a bedroom…then another…and another. You see, it wasn't until I clean the source of the dirt…the Access Point…that I was able to know that the dirt would not continue to trickle into the rooms I had just cleaned.

SIN is like this.  We cannot merely clean up one area and hope that it will not return. NO! We must find the Access Point and cut it off.  In my home, the Access Point for dirt is the front door and porch.  When no one is passing through the door, the floors remain clean. If I want people to come through that door AND keep the floors clean, I have to sweep the Porch. In the same manner, if I don’t clean up the doorways to my life…what I read, watch, listen to, who I hang with, etc…I will continually have to clean up the messes it leaves.

Here are some whys to get our hearts and lives cleaned up?

  1. Stand in the Light. Don’t be afraid to dive into to the Word, Sing from your heart the songs of Worship and to be still and know He is God. His light is not an interrogation spotlight, it is the gentle, warm beam of light that shines through the window and leads to healing.
  2. Ask to see the dirt. Scripture tells us that when we ask the Lord to give us wisdom, He gives it abundantly. Ask Him to show you where sin is rearing its ugly head. Sometimes, we are walking in the shadow of the clouds and don’t even see the dirt. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal it in you…and ask Him to prepare your heart to receive what He shows you.
  3. Find the Access Point. When you see the dirt, ask the Lord where it is originating. If your attitude toward your husband is being effected by something you are watching, stop watching it.  If you see that resentment is building towards your children, ask the Lord why. If He reveals that the company you've been keeping is influencing that relationship, take a step or two away from that person. Clean up your porch and your house will stay clean.

 He gives beauty for ashes Strength for fear Gladness for mourning Peace for despair.

Beauty for Ashes, Crystal Lewis from Isaiah 61:3

Lord, thank you that your light is beautiful, revealing and gentle, Thank you that you give Beauty for Ashes. Father I ask right now, that you speak to our hearts and reveal in us areas that are dirty. I pray for strength to clean up the access point and I rejoice in the outcome. Fill us today with more of you!