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As my schooling break is coming to an end and I am preparing to finish out the year…I am taking time, again, evaluate what we learn, how we learn and whether or not I need to change something.  I do this by praying, reading through a few books,  praying…and more praying. Educating my children is an undertaking that is large, fun, scary, enlightening, rewarding, cumbersome at times and wonderful.  My “classroom” doesn’t look like anyone else's.  I don’t teach the same as anyone else.  My goals aren’t the same as anyone else's either.  That is because I have been given MY children, with their passions, their learning abilities, their tastes and their challenges.


A few days ago, I had a phone call from a friend of mine’s sweet 2 yr old…unknown to her mother. While I listened to my message I could hear my friend reading in the background from a blog that was hitting her heart.  Later she told me what it was she had been reading.

I wanted to share with you one of the paragraphs from this post.

My kids may never memorize all the Presidents, but they will know what they do and they will know to respect them at all times, even if they don’t agree with their viewpoints. They may never memorize pi, but they will know how to spot the best deal at the store, calculate percentages, and make change quickly and accurately. They may never recite Robert Frost’s poems from memory, but they will be able to quote scripture with the quickness, for any situation they come across in life. They may never draw out the countries in Africa in 60 seconds, but they sure will pretend they are missionaries in the African jungle bringing the Word of God to an unknown tribe. Then again, they may do all those amazing things if they want.” (Read the Whole Article Here)

Now I am NOT a type B person, as the article is talking about…more type A(I like my books and curriculum and ducks more in a row…haha!),  but I  love the perspective she has about rearing and training her children.

I know that the curriculum I may choose and the novels we read are ordained by God for MY children because He has placed in my heart His will for me concerning homeschooling.  I , in return, have given the burden back to Him and willfully follow after the whispers in my heart He has placed there.  For HE ALONE will accomplish His works in my family…whether my children are doctors, missionaries, teachers, homemakers or musicians, it will be because they learned and practiced following after HIM. 

That, dear friends, is the ONLY “teaching” that matters, that won’t fade from memory and is ALIVE…

Here’s to finishing STRONG!