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Mom...I'm Kinda a Big Deal!

Last weekend I was so blessed to attend the MomHeart Conference!  I am always blessed and amazed at how much the Lord pours into me all at one time.  I love that He uses so many different women to speak LIFE into a conference room full of 800 women...searching, tired, excited, lost and anticipating women. One of the speakers in the Mom Like Me portion of the conference was Kat. You can read some of her heart at Inspired to Action. I was refreshed and inspired by Kat.  Kat is an encourager.  She is passionate about Motherhood and she told us how important it is to see ourselves as the "Super Heroes" we are!

"The next time you fill out the occupation blank on a form write 'I'm a MOM...I'm Kinda a Big Deal!" -Kat

Seeing the Super Hero sometimes can be difficult...for it's through the eyes of our children that we get a glimpse of the cape as it flies behind us holding the laundry in our sweats.

My husband came across this note my sweet son wrote me one Mother's Day...

Intentional Living

...SM (Super Mom)! Can you see my cape?

Change your perspective, just for a minute, and look through your child's eyes and embrace the Super Mom you are.  After all..."You're Kinda a BIG Deal!"

"Her children arise up,and call her blessed;" Proverbs 31:28a

Love to you all,