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Who Are YOU?


Who Are YOU?


It's the first of the year and I am cleaning out, straightening up, praying about direction and basically trying to get things back in order after the holidays. January feels fresh and anew as the cooler temps bid me to crack a window and smell the cleanliness of the air! Over the years, the Lord has been faithful to speak to my heart His desire for my life...the direction He wants me to go...the path He bids me to follow. Sometimes it seems more than I can do. Other times it's a walk in the park. This past year was a year of change. A year of new visions and the closing of doors. This year...It's time to begin putting feet to the vision He has written on my heart.




I sometimes struggle with writing. Not because I don't enjoy it, or because I find it difficult to express my heart in writing (or on the screen), but because I forget that it is the Lord who first writes on my heart so I can write with a keyboard. My friend Jennifer over at The Kindle Crew expressed my heart about writing, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I’m a writer, who apparently never seems to write. Oh, but what you may not know about a writer is that we are always writing…in journals, in 5 subject notebooks, on post-its, on envelopes dug out from beside the seat of the car. We mentally write in the shower, on the pot, when our husbands are talking to us (love you, sweetie!), when we are venting, wishing, wanting, hoping for, dreaming about….we are writing. Words are everywhere. My family is learning sign language…I write with my fingers spelling out the words with characters. At times it’s almost as annoying as dreaming about Mario jumping up and hitting mushrooms with his head. (maybe that was just me as a teenager).

Unlike Jennifer, I didn't have Mario was Tetris that fit every object in my dreams into nice neat rows and then vanished!

As I share this truth about me, I know many times I do not fully walk in the gifts and callings God has so graceously laid on my life. You never have this you??? Sometimes we find difficulty in confidently embracing Who We Are in Christ and How He has asked us to walk that out. Writing is more than what I "do". It is who I am. It is in the very fibers of my mind. It shapes how I look at life around me and governs the way I express my inmost thoughts, conviction, passions and questions. It is how I encourage, show love, tackle problems. I write. And even now, that is strange for me to see typed our in black and white staring back at me from my screen.

Be Bold. Be Confident. Walk FULLY in God's calling on your life!

These gifts and callings I am learning to walk boldly, confidently and in the fullness of:

I am a Pastor's Wife. I am a Homeschooling Mom. I am a Writer. I am a Servant. I am an Administrator.

I'm not there...yet. But I am making strides to listen fervently to the Spirit and to join Him where He is calling me. I am thankful that the Lord doesn't desire perfection...but a willing heart and obedient hands and feet. Who Are You in Christ? What are the gifts and callings He has placed on your life that you need to walk in the fullness of?