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Q&A and a Giveaway!

Let's start the week off with a GIVEAWAY and a Q&A from two of the Authors of Lead Your Family Like Jesus! As you have been reading here lately I have had the privileged of telling you about Lead Your Family Like Jesus. It is a fantastic book on parenting...more specifically, it's about leading your family like Jesus. It's looking at our example of Jesus and applying it to parenting. sure to enter the giveaway below to win your FREE copy of this great book!  I will announce the winner Friday so don't delay your entry!

LYFLJ Book Cover

I would like to share with you some Q&A with Trisha Goyer and Phil Hodges, two of the Authors of LYFLJ.  I think it's a great way to "get to know" them, really see their hearts and hear their perspective on some GREAT questions.

What have you learned about parenting now that some of your kids are older?

Tricia: Having older kids has given me a such greater perspective as I have three little ones in the home again. I realize greater what things I need to focus on, and what things are really not that important in the long wrong. I'm also more confident that Jesus is my partner in this journey. I've seen Him show up again and again through every age and stage … and I have faith He'll continue to do that. I also realize that “today isn't the end of the world.” It's funny to laugh about now, but I've had those days when I've felt that I've done everything wrong and I'm never going to succeed, and the kids are going to be ruined for life. Well … there will always be those days, but there will also be some great ones too and it all evens out.

How do you find the strength to lead like Jesus in the middle of the sleep-deprived younger years?

Tricia: This is a great question! We recently brought two new kids into our home and with all the nervous excitement no one was sleeping! I've learned to really work on decent nap times and bed times. Most nights are kids are in bed by 7:30 p.m. and asleep by 8:00 p.m. They also take a nap right after lunch. I find sleep works best when they have a very specific routine and know what's expected. I'm also known to nap when they nap … otherwise leading with a joyful heart is really hard.

But … I've also known to read my Bible when I blow dry my hair or journal as Go Diego Go is playing. It's not idea, but I NEED God to help me lead

What about older kids? Is it too late?

Phil: It is never too early or too late to be a better parent. Put your past victories and defeats in the Up to now” category. Apply grace and forgiveness to yourself and your kids as works-in-progress. Then ask God to guide you through His Holy Spirit to fashion a “From now on” perspective for the future. The older the child you are dealing with, including adult children, the more likely you will be successful if you adopt a “How can I help?” vs “How can I fix it?” frame of mind. As you seek to influence your child’s ability to make good choices, remember to catch yourself doing something right. Praising your progress will allow you to hang in over the long haul.

Tricia: As long as you are alive you will always be a parent. I've learned this for my 83-year-old Grandmother who is still doling out a lot of advice and prayers to her daughters who are in their 50s and 60s! With every stage—elementary, teen, and adult—there will be new challenges, but the number one thing a child wants to know is that he or she has a parent who loves, believes, and will be there for him or her. Isn't that what we all want? We may not always have the right answers, but we can lead our children to our God who has the right answers. We can lead them to hope. We can lead them to faith. And even if they refuse to follow our leadership, you can guarantee they will always be watching to see how we do it, even when they don't want to admit it.

What parenting tips would you give to a new step mom to a soon to be teen?

Phil: Consistency from the adults in the child’s life is a great gift. You can serve the best interests of the child by actively supporting your husband and the birth mother, if she is in the life of the child, in maintaining harmony in parental boundaries and standards across both households. Encouraging your husband in actively fulfilling his role as a father and the primary male role model in the life of the child will go a long way to fortifying the child’s sense of security and self worth. Helping your husband in giving the gift of his time and attention to the child you will be of great service to your new family

As a mom with children from a variety of backgrounds (some from adoption, one from your teens, and adopting children from foster care), how do you handle discipline without creating emotional barriers between you?

Tricia: In Lead Your Family Like Jesus we make these suggestions for discipline: • Keep the lines of communication open. • Never embarrass or frustrate your kids in public. • Remember the bigger purpose. It’s not to make sure the milk never spills. More important is to model servant leadership when the milk does spill.

You're right, I have so many kids at so many levels. The issue is not the issue. Their heart is the issue! Most mistakes aren't fatal—thank goodness, but how we respond will impact children for generations. Sometimes the parenting routine of getting children fed, dressed, and clean seems to be the only thing that matters. But if that’s all the matters in your home, it’ll be the only thing that matters when they leave.

How does it look for one parent to lead like Jesus when the other is not interested or not a believer? {I know I have many readers who are doing this faith thing with their kids without much help from their spouse.}

Phil: It may come down to answering the question: How can I best serve the spiritual well-being of my family in my daily choices and priorities? During the early years of our marriage I must admit that I abdicated much of my spiritual leadership in our family while I was preoccupied with work. Jane served as the primary spiritual guide for our children by maintaining daily routines connected to the spiritual growth of our kids. She was faithful in modeling bed time prayers, singing “Jesus loves me” lullabies, teaching manners, insisting on thank you notes, grace at sit down dinners and regular church attendance and Sunday As a note of hope, thanks to her perseverance and encouragement, I eventually joined her in the spiritual leadership of our family.

Tricia: I am thankful that I married a wonderful Christian man, but for many years he wasn't leading spiritually in the home as I thought he should. I came up with all types of devotional times, or worship times, and other rituals but nothing stuck … and I started becoming a real nag. One day I felt like God was tapping my shoulder. What did He tell me? I didn't make a very good personal Holy Spirit! After that I shut my mouth, stepped back, and started praying. And you know what, when I stepped back John stepped forward. I know that will not work as quickly for everyone but when we focus on ourselves first then it gives God time to work!

Sometimes it feels like everyone has it all together... except me. How do you encourage people to lead their families in these moments of doubt?

Tricia: When we compare our weaknesses to others' strengths we feel defeated and worthless. Yet when we compare our strengths to others' weaknesses then pride slips in. The best thing is don't compare! I've come to a place where I'm able to appreciate the ways other families excel without having to feel bad about myself or my family. As I talk about in Lead Your Family Like Jesus, when our family discovered what we were “about”--what our label was—then we focused on excelling in those things, and not trying to keep up with those around us. For example, one of the things we're about is family meals. I might serve canned vegetables and grilled cheese one night but it's the experience. No one's life is like a Pinterest board. We all have “sharable” moments, but we're all a work in progress


Thank you so much to Tricia and Phil for taking time to answer some questions for us all!  I hope you have enjoyed hearing from them as much as I have!

Love to you all...

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Obedience or Rebellion...A 14 Day Challenge

Rebellion...that dreaded "teen year" plague. It is what strikes fear in the hearts of many parents. Wouldn't you rather have obedience? Of course you would!

Principle 9: To Lead Like Jesus, Inspire Obedience—Not Rebellion

In Lead Your Family Like Jesus, Phil discusses how to parent in a way that will inspire obedience rather than provoke rebellion. Interested???

Let me entice you more with an excerpt from this chapter:

My friend Ed, a wise man and fellow grandpa, recounted a memorable conversation with his teenage son. The son asked his father for permission to drive to another city with friends to attend a concert. Ed said he wasn't convinced it was a good idea, and wouldn't grant his permission.

The son responded with a familiar teenage question: “Why won’t you let me go? Is it because you don’t trust me?”

Instead of rising to the bait, Ed asked his son a question of his own. “Son, can you ever remember a time when I haven’t had your best interest at heart?”

After thinking for a moment, his son lowered his head. “I can’t think of a time.”

Ed then posed a second question. “So, Son, the question that needs to be answered is not whether I trust you—but rather, when did you stop trusting me?”

Ed stayed firm on his decision. His son left unhappy, but had learned a lesson about trust and obedience.

How would you have handled this situation? Are you strong and dogmatic...barking orders and ending with "because I said so."  Do you look into those big blue or brown eyes and give in, ignoring the Holy Spirit within you in order to please your child?

I love the way Ed made a decision and then offered a thought provoking question to his son. This simple question didn't back his son into a corner feeling like he had no say in the matter.   It also didn't weaken Ed's decision AND in reality, it actually led his son to AGREE that his father's decision was sound. He might not have liked it...but there left no room for argument.

The point in sharing this is to ask you to join me as I take a 14 day Lead Your Family Like Jesus Challenge. I am focusing on just one principle in this fantastic book, for 14 days and I will be letting you know how it is going.  Won't you join me?

You can get your book at Amazon in Kindle form and start today!

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Lead Your Family Give Away!

Celebrate the release of Lead Your Family Like Jesus with Tricia by entering her iPad Mini Giveaway and RSVPing for the Lead, Momma Lead LIVE Webcast Event (with MomLife Today's Tracey Eyster) on April 16th.LYFLJiPadGiveaway300 One winner will receive:

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So grab your copy of Lead Your Family Like Jesus and join Tricia and Tracey on the evening of April 16th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book - don't let that stop you from coming!)

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New Book & FREE Excerpt

Remember the post about Owning Your Calendar that was inspired by Author,Tricia Goyer?  Back in October I had the privilege of meeting Tricia. She is a lover of Christ, her hubby and her children and I am honored to know her. Today I want to share with you Lead Your Family Like Jesus, a book Tricia has teamed with New York Times Best Selling Author Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges to write. Because as parents we impact not only our children, but generations to come, the family is probably the most powerful life-role leadership position we’ll ever hold!

I have been reading and re-reading through this book, staring and underlining, since I joined the launch team in October at Allume. I can say this is a powerful book for FAMILIES...not just moms or dads...but for both to read and gain insight from. Each chapter is written by one author, from their perspective, and because of this format, the truths expressed appeal to a much greater audience. Anyone can find an author to identify with!

Here are a few quotes I have underlined in my copy:

"And that's the key to leading a family like Jesus-not only following His example, but relying on His presence within us. It's our lives connected to His." ~Ken Blanchard

"If parents live out their values, kids are ready to follow suit. Jesus lived His values of loving God and loving His neighbors all the way to the cross: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)" ~Tricia Goyer

"We're ordained by God as our children's primary instructors and models of what it means to be in an obedience. To small children, parents are the image of God. How they see you is how they'll be inclined to see Him. How you treat them will either inspire willing obedience or willful resistance in their relationship with you-you and ultimately with God. In other words, what they see is what you get." ~Phil Hodges

As part of this launch team, I get to share with you an excerpt from Lead Your Family Like Jesus!

Click here for 5 Ways Not to Edge God Out of Your Family.

And don't forget to pre-order your copy before March 20th to receive extra goodies! You can pre-order at Amazon,  Christian Books, or Barnes & Noble.

Come back for an interview with won't want to miss it!