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Obedience or Rebellion...A 14 Day Challenge

Rebellion...that dreaded "teen year" plague. It is what strikes fear in the hearts of many parents. Wouldn't you rather have obedience? Of course you would!

Principle 9: To Lead Like Jesus, Inspire Obedience—Not Rebellion

In Lead Your Family Like Jesus, Phil discusses how to parent in a way that will inspire obedience rather than provoke rebellion. Interested???

Let me entice you more with an excerpt from this chapter:

My friend Ed, a wise man and fellow grandpa, recounted a memorable conversation with his teenage son. The son asked his father for permission to drive to another city with friends to attend a concert. Ed said he wasn't convinced it was a good idea, and wouldn't grant his permission.

The son responded with a familiar teenage question: “Why won’t you let me go? Is it because you don’t trust me?”

Instead of rising to the bait, Ed asked his son a question of his own. “Son, can you ever remember a time when I haven’t had your best interest at heart?”

After thinking for a moment, his son lowered his head. “I can’t think of a time.”

Ed then posed a second question. “So, Son, the question that needs to be answered is not whether I trust you—but rather, when did you stop trusting me?”

Ed stayed firm on his decision. His son left unhappy, but had learned a lesson about trust and obedience.

How would you have handled this situation? Are you strong and dogmatic...barking orders and ending with "because I said so."  Do you look into those big blue or brown eyes and give in, ignoring the Holy Spirit within you in order to please your child?

I love the way Ed made a decision and then offered a thought provoking question to his son. This simple question didn't back his son into a corner feeling like he had no say in the matter.   It also didn't weaken Ed's decision AND in reality, it actually led his son to AGREE that his father's decision was sound. He might not have liked it...but there left no room for argument.

The point in sharing this is to ask you to join me as I take a 14 day Lead Your Family Like Jesus Challenge. I am focusing on just one principle in this fantastic book, for 14 days and I will be letting you know how it is going.  Won't you join me?

You can get your book at Amazon in Kindle form and start today!

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