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Christmas Contentment

It's December. Winter has been held at bay here in Texas as the temperatures have hoovered around 80°. For me, exchanging the grandeur of this year's autumn for the celebrations of the winter has been difficult. Our house is sparely decorated this year...and I think it will stay that way.

My daughter told me a few days ago that she loves that we don't put up a lot of decorations. She said,

"We have lights on the house and some garland, your snowman that you've had since you were 2 and the manger...what more do we want?"

Out of the mouth of babes, right?

I can so easily get caught up in the "stuff" of Christmas that it pushes aside the focus I am trying to keep in the forefront our hearts and minds during this season of celebration. I love, love winter decor and Christmas "cheer"...but it's just packaging, right?

NOW...Don't get me wrong! The twinkle of the lights and the warmth of the garland makes me smile just as much as then next person! And I know that beauty is such a reflection of our marvelous creator...but this year, I'm going to lay my desire to adorn our physical home in its winter array and practice contentment with the abundance that I already possess, spending my time resources to intentionally adorn our hearts with the Joy that comes from family and friends gathering, stories being told and reflections on the sweetness of a child King born to save the world.

WHY? Because Jesus is the LIGHT of our home, the heartbeat of who we are as a family, and the glue that ties us all together.

I am looking forward to joining creation as we Praise the Father for Jesus' birth, life, death and Resurrection...showering gifts on my sweeties, friends and family...eating good food...enjoying the festivities that bring people together...soaking in the joyous music that exalts the Lord... and even the relishing the memories of a year passing as the Christmas season concludes and a New Year is Born.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  May you be blessed as you follow the Spirit in your celebrations this year and may the reason for Jesus' birth move you in a new and powerful way!

1 Comment