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Against the Current

Conversations with friends of mine usually become discussions about our hearts' passion for Biblical mothering.  Our heartbeats are the same so we link arms down path of motherhood the Lord has led us down. Pondering Biblical motherhood led to the question of "why" so many women reject the model of Motherhood scripture speaks of. We realized that for many of the women we know the rejection of  Biblical motherhood  is a learned behavior...they do what the others before and around them do. They are not being taught what the Bible says nor are their many women modeling what Biblical motherhood looks like. They live contrary to scriptural design mainly from lack of knowledge or example.

Because society often defines success by the size of our homes and the make and model of our cars, Biblical motherhood has been lost in sea of conflicting ideas.  Even in our churches, pastors and leaders do not stand up and teach what Biblical motherhood looks is controversial to say a woman's first irresponsibility is to her hubby, then kiddos...then job. It would probably infuriate much of the congregation...stepping on many pastor's toes in the process.

Biblical motherhood is about having a passion for your children.  It's about showing them, by example, your love, the Love the Father has for us, and how we live life to glorify His name.  It's about laughing together, crying life together. It's setting boundaries and teaching obedience.  It's about priorities. It's about sacrificing fleshly wants for the spiritual fruit of investing in your children first and foremost. It's holding your child's heart and pointing it to the One who can save them.

My prayer for mothers is simple:

That through prayer revelation the Lord will deeply move a generation of mothers to step up and be a mom first and foremost, above superficial successes of a career. That young mothers will be encouraged by Godly women to seek out and pursue God's design for mothering.  I pray that mothers will be bold and courageous as they swim upstream against the flow of mediocrity & society's standards. That they will be brave against ridicule. I pray that when their children are grown, they may "rise up and call her blessed" Proverbs 31:28 as they stay the course...even when it stands in contrast to the lives of family and friends. I pray that mom will then encourage other women to step out in faith as they strive to go against the current...leaving in their wake a Godly legacy for generations to come.

"It is not simply a lifestyle choice. It is a divine calling that will indeed affect eternity."                                        Sally ClarksonMission of Motherhood

I know walking down the Biblical path of mothering unlocks a treasure store for our our children, in our husbands & in our own lives. It is a difficult swim...the one that leads upstream...but it is worth the effort.  There are twists and turn...and uncharted areas for many women who don't have an example of what Biblical Motherhood looks like... but we have a Savior who wrote a great love letter for us and he longs for us to read it. Life instructions are hidden along the way as road signs...but it's up to us to choose to follow them.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33.



First Things First!

The Book of James beckons me most mornings.  I don't know why. I have most of it memorized and yet it is alive and new everytime I read it's truths. Today...1 Timothy!  I have been pouring over the passages reminding my heart of the instruction written out here.  So many things stick out to me this morning..but the Lord whispered to me about Order. So I thought I'd share.

As I read the passage about Bishops, the Lord nudged my heart with these passages. They are valid for all who stands before others and proclaim His truth...even for me as I instruct my children, facilitate Bible Studies and as I blog.

1Timothy 3:4-5 tells us that "He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive,(5) for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?"

For me, this means putting first things first.

If I do not teach my children how to behave, if they are not being trained in the way they should go (Pro 22:6), if I have no order in my can I instruct others about the Truth in the Word? I am therefor a living contradiction to what I say is TRUTH!

Isn't it true that we lead by example?  This IS true and it is not only true concerning how we lead our young children, but also in how we lead others.

When I lead a Bible Study and quote scripture about dressing modestly, the message is  better received when my household and I dress in modest attire. RIGHT? My actions are an outward showing of what I believe to be the Truth in the Word. When my outward life doesn't line up with what my lips are causes those who hear to question.  They question the Truth. They question whether or not I actually believe what I say. They wonder why I teach something I don't believe.

Are you teaching others?  Do you work in the Nursery at church?  Do you lead a Bible Study? Do you Blog? If you are in a position of leadership...ask yourself what your home is reflecting.  Is your home in order?