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Give a Little, Receive a Little

Well...becoming as good at receiving as giving.


It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

Have you taken this verse to mean it is better to give and negative...or even receive? I think many of us, whether subconsciously or not, have indeed have misinterpreted this verse. It is NOT bad, to receive!  If we don't receive...How can another GIVE? If the Lord asks me to give something, there has to be a recipient or there is no point in giving. RIGHT?

When my parents give and are met with objections from the recipient, I have always heard them say, "Now don't steal my blessing by not receiving what God has placed on my heart to give." Now that is a GREAT way to look at giving and receiving. Both sides are active. Receiving, many times, take more effort than giving. So if you are in a season of receiving...practice receiving with joy, knowing that you have bestowed blessing upon those who have given to you.

Does that change your perspective a little?

I love that the Lord gives me opportunity to live out what He is speaking to my heart!  I love that He is pushing me to engage in commUNITY in so many different ways. But, remember that commUNITY begins with UNITY with God...doing what HE lays on our hearts to do, investing in who HE lays in our paths, and being filled up with HIM so we can offer a gift of Life to those around us.

When have you found it better to give than receive?  How will you be a more gracious receiver?

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Irons Sharpens Iron

This morning I was reading a friends blog about how God is showing her that her actions were not lining up with the goals and desires of her heart concerning raising kids and homeschooling. I was VERY refreshed! I love that I have friends that sharpen me.

Proverbs 27:13 "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."

That is the TRUE measure of a friend. Do they sharpen me? Can we edify each other, just by our own lives and circumstances? Do we live everyday to honor God, even when we fall short. Can we agree to pick ourselves up, dust off and start again by the strength of GOD!

Thank you to all my friends who share life with me! By whom I laugh, cry, learn and are encouraged! Have a GREAT and VERY blessed day!

Love to all, Katie

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