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Minister to WHO?


Because Motherhood Isn't Just a Job. It’s a Calling.*

"A mother’s day is packed with a multitude of tasks that require energy and time: preparing meals, washing clothes, straightening and cleaning the house, and caring for children. These jobs all are necessary and crucially important. But in the dailyness of providing for a child’ s physical, emotional, and social needs, vital opportunities for spiritual nurture and training can be overlooked. " *Sally Clarkson

This doesn't have to be the case. You can focus your energy on what matters most...your child(ren).

So many times I allow the tasks on my "To Do List" to become my focus. The calendar rears it's ugly head bright and early Monday morning and tries to strike pandemonium in our week. Without a thought...I am caught in the whirlwind of activities and although I am with my children 24/7, we feel like we haven't seen each other. We are soon quoting the Wizard of Oz chanting, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home!"

I sometimes loose sight of my calling, my Ministry of Motherhood. I loose sight of the reality that my children need to hear "let's read a book" or "why don't you tell me about your day." or "How is such-n-such going for you?" more than HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! as we run to the next well intended activity. I want their memories of home to be of love, peace, good conversation, foundational Truths from scripture, good food and much laughter. In order to create that reality I must be intentional to spend that quality time with my kiddos, ministering to them as Jesus ministered to His disciples...loving them, correcting them, teaching them the way they should far more important than "keeping up with the Jones." And that all the good activities we are participating in are but chafe in the wind if they draw us further from each other and further away from what God has called me, as a mother, to do...minister to my children.

If you know there is more to motherhood than what you are currently experiencing;  If there are young women in your life that you can speak life and truth into; If your hearts desire is to raise children of character and children who chase after the Creator as because they love Him...Ministry of Motherhood is a must read. Ministry of Motherhood, by Sally Clarkson, incorporates the Biblical principles of Jesus' love and ministry to His disciples and applies the same principles to motherhood. Sally also includes great, practical application ideas that you can immediately put into practice in your home to help you truly minister to your children.

In Ministry of Motherhood, you can learn how you can:

• Make Life’s Mundane and Nitty-Gritty Moments Work for You and Not Against You.

• Discover Ways to Make Character-Building a Natural Part of Live.

• Teach Your Child in the Same Way Jesus Taught the Disciples.

• Pass on Crucial Gifts that Will Serve Your Family for a Lifetime.

If that still voice is whispering in your ear and stirring your heart for your children and you KNOW there is more to mothering than laundry and runny noses, Ministry of Motherhood is for you! You can purchase Ministry of Motherhood at here or at Amazon. can enter below for your chance to win a FREE copy! The winner will be announced on Wed, October 9th!

Good Luck!

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