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I Will...

"I will enter into his gates with thanksgiving in my heart! I will enter His courts with praise! I will say "This is the Day the Lord has made." I will rejoice for he has made me glad!"

These words from a song I sang as a child have been streaming through my head since last night.  The song is based on Psalms 100:4

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

This is a statement of resolve.  It's a choice.  It's my Spirit telling my Flesh...Be Thankful, Praise Him, Be Thankful to Him, Bless His name. The song says...I WILL...I WILL...I WILL.

As the list sounds off for Thanksgiving preparations with shouts of "Me First...Me First!" we mustn't forget to enter into the Presence of the Lord with Thanksgiving and Praise.  You will bless His name and He will give you Joy!

Intentional Living

Won't you share your Thanksgivings and Praises to the Lord and we will encourage one another;)



Delayed in PA

Ready for a story?  I have one that most of you don't know. It's not dark. It's not twisted, but for me, it is an adventure I will not soon forget. Packing up Saturday evening really was a breeze.  Jennifer and I had almost everything ready with high hopes of sleeping in before catching our late afternoon flight back to Dallas just in time to beat Sandy as it approached the shores of New Jersey.

1:00 heart rate is high and has woken me up.  I call Hubby and he tells me to wake Jennifer. Looking for a Blood Pressure cuff, she calls the front desk and in about 4 minutes there is an EMT in my room!  Talk about FAST!

My BP was fine, Heart Rate still elevated so off we went to Harrisburg Hospital only two short blocks away.

Chest x-ray...normal Cat scan...normal EKG...ABNORMAL

NO other symptoms.  No difficulties breathing. No Pain. No swelling. They were stumped, so I was admitted.

Remember...we are supposed to be catching a plane to come HOME! With an appending "Perfect Storm" looming off the coast and the threat of being stuck in PA for an extended time, Hubby, instead flew to PA to be with me.

God's hand was evident in every detail.

To make a long story a little shorter...

  • Every SINGLE person I came in contact with at Harrisburg Hospital was kind!  There was not one single apathetic  "this is just my job" attitude...not even from the custodians!  Praise the LORD!
  • My phone notifications were non-stop from the sweet gals I met at Allume that were praying for me!
  • My children were spending time with my sister, her family and my parents...which was a blessing all in itself.
  • Jennifer's mother-in-law, Debbie, who 'just so happened' to be visiting her daughter, who, by the way, works at Harrisburg Hospital, came to sit with me until my hubby was able to get to Harrisburg.
  • I had a massive prayer chain of people I have never met in South Carolina lifting me up before the Throne of God as well as many, many prayers from my small East Texas home being lifted high.
  • Every flight Jason was supposed to be on was delayed...but there were seats available on earlier delayed flights and what should have been a midnight arrival turned out to be an 8:00 arrival!


Stress Test...normal EKG...Abnormal Result...I'm Abnormally Normal! (LOL!  I could have told them that!)

I was released with instructions to resume normal activities and check in with my Dc. to inform him of what had happened. No meds. No diet change. No restriction! God's hand, again.

THE STORM...Well, there wasn't much to write about by the time Sandy reached where we were staying.  By 11:00 pm, the Mayor of Harrisburg has already toured the city and commented on how "blessed" we were to have such minimal damage. Just a few trees down. No injuries.

My heart goes out to those who weren't so fortunate.  I pray for God's hand of healing and peace to be on them.  For HIS name to be glorified as he turns what was intended for evil into beauty beyond our comprehension.

So, to wrap it up...Jason and I flew home Wednesday. No delays and smooth flights.

I am so thankful to know that I can cast my cares upon a God that has His hand in the mix.  I do NOT serve a God who is merely the Creator and then un-involved.  I could feel His peace pouring over me like a warm balm.  I KNOW that he heard the prayers of so many petitioning on my behalf. And even though I still had to walk through this difficulty, I know that He reigns on the Throne of my heart.  I will praise Him now, as I praised Him in the storm of the ER room.  I will praise Him now, as I praised Him in the midst of "the Perfect Storm". I will praise Him all of my days.



My Heart's Cry...

Thank you, Jesus for... This has been my hearts cry for the past few days.  Everytime I have a moment of stillness, my heart is overwhelmed with thanksgiving for all the Lord has done, given me and continues to do in my life and in the lives of those I love.

intentional living

Praise the Lord, for he is good!

I challenge you to take time to, with a sincere heart, give thanksgiving unto the Lord for all you have, all you are.  To do so will change your perspective, lighten your burden and most importantly, recognize and praise the very source of all you have and are.

Thank you, Jesus, for men and women who love you.  Thank you that I am so blessed to have an advocate with the Godhead.  Thank you, Jesus for the propitiation of my sin.  Thank you that I am a Child of the Most High God!