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A Balancing Act

I am in constant state of BALANCING knowledge, wisdom and daily life.  I SO often want to bury my head in the sand and pretend that All is well in the world and that we can just keep on keeping on...but I know I cannot. Scripture says, "my people perish for Lack of Knowledge."  It also says that IF I acknowledge Him in all I do...He will direct my path. I know that if I want to follow, chase after His ways, and obey, I have to live as though this world doesn't matter...yet, at the same time...I have to care about the PEOPLE in this life.  The impact I can possibly have. The lives I can possibly touch. It IS a Balance Act.

I am praying for wisdom.  I am praying for strength, courage, timing, compassion and how to effectively impart the Word of God and His Ways to my children and those around me. I am seeking after His direction...still struggling with the mundane and how it all fits together in the Big Picture.

I am praying for clarity.

I am praying...

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