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Did You Find Him?

It is still dark. I grope for the coffee this morning as my eyes are struggling to open.  Not my usual start.  The time change is really having an effect on me.

intentional living

As I begin to become more alert I remember the reason I forage through the seek my Savior and time with Him before the day gets going.

I find Him...He has been waiting.  He isn't struggling with groggy-ness, for scripture tells me that He does not sleep nor slumber.

I am thankful beyond words that I have a God that is accessible 24/7. One who not only waits, but bids me to come find Him and spend time with Him.

He is waiting....Did you find Him today?




Quiet My Busyness

This is one of 2 weekends a year that I look forward to the 364 other days of the year. I am going to a Mom Heart Conference for refreshing, vision renewal, time with other Moms, a great hotel room and GREAT food!

I have noticed that in all the excitement and the list of things to prepare...I tend to get VERY tired. By the time I finish all my gathering...I just need a NAP. So, this week I am going to wade in the still waters that the Lord has for me. I want to feel as though I have been refreshed BEFORE I am off...trying to get refreshed and soak in all the great teachings.

I need to prepare my soil to be a fertile ground so that I can take in all the great things God wants to tell me, remind me of, or teach me about this weekend. When it's time to plant, you don't just start throwing the seed out and expect anything to grow! You have to plow the field and ready the soil and THEN plant. I want to be prepare so I can get all God has for me.

My prayer for the women speaking is that they too will have a less hurried week. That they too have been able to take a few moments to bask in the quiet still waters of God. That He will fill them to overflowing, so they can pour out the words he has placed on their hearts.

Have a GREAT week!