Tuesday we said good-bye to my Grandmother. She was a caring woman who loved Jesus with all her heart, as well as my Granddaddy, with whom she would have celebrated 61 years of marraige with in May. To honor her life, we held a Memorial Service and as people told stories of my grandmother, it was easy to see how she would be missed. Among the tears was laughter and rejoicing. Rejoicing that she is now pain free in the presence of her Savior.When the Service began, it was gray and raining. It was fitting for the circumstances, but by the time we left the church, after being with family and dear friends...the sun came out and shone on the wet ground. The day ended beautifully, and even though we are saddened, we are comforted by the Son, that is warm and shines down on our wet faces.

Even in hard times, there is evidence of God's Good and Perfect gifts; Family, Friends, Loved Ones, good food, old stories...and the sun!