The season is changing again! I woke Saturday to golds and was a though Autumn had arrived while I was sleeping. Oh how I love Autumn. But do I miss the joys of Summer when longing for the cooler weather? Do you?  How about when we "miss it" with our kids...wishing they were older or younger...etc. Join me over at The Laundry Moms as I share about Finding Joy in the Change.

Who are The Laundry Moms you ask?…

We’re just a group of moms with many facets of life in common:

  • We are raising lots of kids and have been at it for over 20+ years!
  • We have been collectively married to our spouses for 100+ years!
  • We have all lived on a budget, and know what it’s like to make a dollar stretch!
  • We love to find and share good recipes to make our families happy!
  • Last but not least…We all do LAUNDRY! Lots and Lots of Laundry…

And we figured we had some experiences we could share from this journey of life that would be an encouragement, and make your road a bit easier or at least help you to laugh out loud at the mistakes we have made along the way!

We will share our ups and downs and give away lots of free gifts to brighten your day and hopefully help you realize that we can do this motherhood jouney together!


The Laundry Moms are here to help you…as We Sort Out Life…One Load at a Time!