The last couple of days I have been drenched in the presence of a Holy and Loving God.  He has allowed me the privilege of praying for people I know, and even those I do not.  I have been reading a great's been stepping on my toes, but that is good, too. I have been reading one of my favorite blogs.

In all these different avenues of my life...God is speaking to me. Showing me new things. Building a heart of compassion in me.  I am seeing differently. Feeling differently. Wanting to LOOK differently.

I have so many whispers in my heart from God.  So many seeds that want to grow, and are...little by little. I have come so far in my walk, yet I have so far to go. I fail. I get up. The Lord gingerly whispers again to my spirit.

I am pondering the holidays quickly approaching. Thanksgiving...Christmas...A New Year...What do I look like to those who spend time with me, even if for the minutest moment?  Do I look different from the masses?  Do I show God's splendor in my expressions? Does my Home point to the creator?  Do people See JESUS when they see me, or do they see hypocrisy?  Of course there is a little of that in everyone...we are after all, human and in being so...we are less than perfect.  Do I talk the talk and forget my walk? Do I live out my passions, convictions or just talk about them? 

The upcoming holidays have struck a chord in me.  I want them to look different.  I want them to be MORE than the shoe box we pack for a few children.  More than buying gifts for people who have everything they could possibly need or want.  More than just reading the birth of Christ from the Bible or saying our thanks to the All Powerful God of the Universe around the Thanksgiving meal.  More than empty Resolutions for the coming New Year.  I want to DO more.  I want to LOOK different. I don't know how to do that...people already think we're weird... No Santa...No Tree...No Stockings....but that is just the baby steps to what God is laying on my heart. I want to be INTENTIONAL.

Lord, use this vessel.  Pour into me what you would have me pour out to others.  Change my countenance like you changed Moses' when he radiated as he descended the mountain from being in Your presence. May I walk in your presence and look to you for ALL things.