One particular weekend last February was filled with beauty. The tables beautifully set beckoned us to sit, enjoy, feast and build community with one another. The living room was prepared with pillows, blankets and a warm fire to welcome us as we sat, stood, or knelt before the Lord. Over the satellite feed...we saw, heard and experienced the beauty of God with millions of other women around the world. We were only a drop in the bucket...but God was moving. This was IF:LOCAL. "IF:God is real...then what?" was the question asked and answered that weekend. We walked with Joshua as he lead God's people through his faith in the Lord's provisions. We heard testimonies of women and men who, even though life was unbearably hard, they found peace, refuge and strength as they looked to the Lord for direction. We worshiped as we poured out our hearts to our Creator, Sustainer, Savior, and Friend. Women, humbling themselves before the Lord in surrender to HIS calling and His moving. This is what happens when GOD IS REAL.

You see, when we become fully aware that the God of the Universe loves us SO much that He laid down His life that we may be free from the chains of sin and darkness...something changes in us. AND THEN...we realize that He is FOR US...He has made a path for us...He is ours and we are HIS...when we are fully aware of these truths we have only one response...Surrender. Surrender to live in Faith. Surrender to love unconditionally. Surrender to "dying to myself". Surrender to the one who formed me in my mother's womb and who has a plan for me, for my family, for my church, my city, county and my Nation.

I love the Lord. I serve Him. I spend time in prayer, worship and in His words. And yet, the set apart time I spent in the living room of my friends home with 18 women who wanted more, changed me again. I don't want to settle for mediocre. I don't want status quo. God is ALIVE and He has SO much more than mediocrity for His children.

I surrendered "ME" to Him that weekend. I laid down my ambitions to the King of the Universe so He can lead me with Reckless Abandon for His kingdom.

Since February, I pray more, study deeper and see His mighty hand as it orchestrates my days and months. My status as a child of God has not change...I am still the child that has called Him Father since I was 8...but the more I come into the understanding of my position in Christ, it is a new revelation everyday. When we fully believe that we are changes our perspective!

IF:Local is not a weekend away with the girls. It's not for women who are comfortable with status quo or have their affections set on things of this world. If you are longing for MORE, if you want to go deeper in, if you are scared of what God might call you to, but you are more afraid of "missing it"...Don't miss the IF:Gathering in your own city.

This Februaury, I will be hosting IF:Grand Saline. It is open to women of all ages, young and old.   If you are local to me, I'd LOVE to have you! You can register November 3rd HERE or drop me a line for more details.  IF you are not local...don't worry! There are hundreds, probably thousands now, of IF:LOCAL events all over the US and the World. You can find a local host HERE.

You won't regret it!